Kathi Wehage

Business Plans Creator

Kathi is a business woman, writer, published author, speaker, and business planner. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs gain clarity and create a solid framework to implement the strategies she helps them with, in their own business plans.

Kathi is also a wife, mother, and a grandmother. She has a deep love for people and the nature that surrounds their home in Vancouver, Canada.

Kathi Wehage Bio

Meet Kathi

Visiting my sister who had moved to a small prairie town in Canada, changed my life forever. I was recently divorced and now a single parent. Sitting at my sister’s kitchen table, she asked me what my plans for a job were now. I honestly did not know what I would do when I returned to Vancouver.

She replied, “Over the years we often talked about opening a store together. Why don’t you move here, and we could do that now?”

Tapping into our creative well, we began to dream and started making plans. A year later I made the move to this small Canadian town and began my entrepreneurial journey.

After we survived our second recession, the government offered a 6 month business course for qualifying small businesses. I wrote my first business plan during that time. By the eighth year, we decided to sell our business and I returned to Vancouver. I wrote another business plan, opened another store and 6 weeks after opening, the section where I was in the mall burned to the ground.

What would I do now?

As I regrouped, I went to work for an import company and 4 years later, opened my own wholesale business. Creating my own business prompted the need to write another business plan, and for the next 15 years I manufactured and operated my own wholesale company.

As an entrepreneur is often looking to create new businesses, I felt I needed a change.  I spent the next 6 months compiling all I had learned from owning, operating, and managing several businesses. Now I was ready to support other entrepreneurs and write business plans for small businesses in Vancouver.

I was incredibly dedicated to supporting new businesses and was passionate about helping others, until I suddenly faced a serious illness and needed to take a step back and focus on my own health.

During this time, I continued to support others facing serious health concerns. I created an emotional empowerment community that focused on using 5 daily pillars to help my clients feel more confident when dealing with anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

I am now back, doing what I love to do. Writing business plans! I am once again committed to supporting business owners with a 7-step system that gives clarity to their vision, with a solid foundation.

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Kathi Meets A Bear

Every year my husband and I travelled to a cabin, on a beautiful lake, surrounded by forest. One early morning I was sitting on the edge of our deck, glancing at the lake as I wrote. I became aware of some movement at the side of the cabin, but because I was so lost in thought I never glanced over there.

When I finally turned my head, I was face to face with a large black bear. In this moment we were eye to eye, as this deck had no railing. I looked at him, he looked at me and, in that moment, I felt no fear.

As the sun glistened on his black fur, it appeared as a glossy, deep blue/black color to me and I said to him, “You are so beautiful.” He sat looking at me for a few moments before he rose to leave. As he did, I suddenly thought, this is an exceptionally large bear and I stood up, to slowly back up, toward the cabin door. We did not take our eyes off each other until he disappeared around the next corner. I will never forget that moment of writing at the lake!

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